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How Moderna is working with Dell’s Boomi to become more efficient as races to distribute its COVID-19 vaccine (DELL)


Moderna vaccine

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In recent months, Moderna has been ramping up operations as it rolls out and distributes its much-awaited coronavirus vaccine.

Behind the scenes, Dell-owned data integration firm Boomi is helping the biotech firm become more efficient. Boomi, which specializes in connecting data from across a company so it can flow smoothly from system to system, is helping Moderna spend less time on technical aspects of data management and more time on its medical operations and vaccinations

To conduct its business, Moderna uses the HR and finance tools SAP and Workday, as well as specific drug design software. Boomi’s tools connect all those systems, which has helped Moderna scale up its onboarding, research, manufacturing, and distribution processes, as it races to meet the vaccine demand.

“We’re working on timeframes that require us to make sure the data we’re accessing is accurate and instantly available,” Marcello Damiani, chief digital and operational excellence officer at Moderna, told Insider.

Since Dell acquired Boomi in 2010, the subsidiary has grown to about 1,000 employees and CEO Chris McNabb told Insider that the firm’s tools allow Moderna to effectively focus on the objectives that matter most.

“We help them free up time to do what’s most important,” McNabb said. “Boomi is involved in distributing vaccines. We’re partnering with them to digitally transform their business. We free their staff up to do what’s important.”

Moderna uses Boomi to help analyze data from clinical trials

Moderna first became a Boomi customer around 2015 to speed up manual data entry. 

“They wanted to eliminate human error and the time constraints of doing something twice,” McNabb said.

Moderna now has about 200 Boomi integrations within its HR and finance systems. For example, it uses Boomi to estimate project costs and manage data about its mRNA molecule orders for vaccines and research. Moderna uses mRNA — essentially, “messenger” RNA, which instruct cells to do something specific, like fight a disease — in its research, clinical trials, manufacturing, and more.

Boomi links together data from all of those processes and loads it into an Amazon Redshift data warehouse. Moderna can then use Boomi to extract and analyze that data for its various clinical systems.

“As you look at what they’re trying to do, they’re becoming much more of a global company very rapidly,” McNabb said. “There are facilities all around the world selling their product. That means there’s a lot more systems being introduced in their environment. We’re helping them to connect all of their pieces of their IT landscape from all over the world.”


Boomi helps Moderna spend more time on medical tasks

Besides its clinical tasks, Boomi also helped Moderna speed up its onboarding and offboarding processes for employees by automating its HR functions. Moderna’s Damiani estimated that the firm has saved several hours per onboarded employee, allowing it to free up time as it ramps up hiring. 

By automating these processes, it reduces the manual effort that employees would otherwise have to undertake. 

“Their objective is to get medicine to as many patients around the world as possible,” McNabb said. “In order to do that, they need to make sure they can do more with less.”

Moderna also uses Boomi to streamline its compliance checks, which allows it to submit drugs to the FDA for approval much faster. 

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Going forward, Moderna plans to continue working with Boomi for additional clinical analytics.

“Data integration is especially critical as we expect to continue to make significant investments in digital — from automation to analytics to data science to AI — over the next 5 years,” Damiani said, “And we expect Boomi will continue to play a key role in keeping our systems, apps, people and data connected.”

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