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What is Audible Live? Everything you need to know about the audiobook platform’s celebrity interview series


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Audible is so much more than an audiobook and podcast platform. 

The success of the Amazon-owned company has made it a significant player in the publishing world, and it’s taking complete advantage of that with a newer offering: Audible Live. 

You may have come across announcements for or even recordings of live interviews with prominent authors and other literary figures on the platform. These are all part of the Audible Live series. 

If you were wondering what happens at these events and how to get an invite, here’s everything you need to know about Audible Live. 

What is Audible Live

Audible Live is a series of real-time, Q&A-style video events featuring authors and audiobook narrators. While Audible is a paid subscription or a la carte service, Audible Live is free for all to access –– all you need is an internet connection.

For the live events, there is a cap of 5,000 participants. All live events are later posted on the Audible Live page so that you can watch them anytime. As of the writing of this article, there are just 15 Audible Live events, so you can easily hand-pick the ones you want to listen to or watch them all. Audible Live events typically run between 20 to 30 minutes long, though you can find longer (over an hour) and shorter (11 minutes) events.

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Prominent names in entertainment are among the authors and audiobook narrators that have already been interviewed for this series. 

Among them are actor Jesse Eisenberg, who discussed his audio drama “When You Finish Saving the World”; actor Kevin Bacon, responsible for narrating the “Yard Work” audiobook, written by David Koepp; and chef Marcus Samuelsson who wrote and narrated “Our Harlem,” an Audible Original adaptation of his “Red Rooster Cookbook.” 

Award-winning singer Mariah Carey, who wrote and narrated “The Meaning of Mariah Carey,” and writer Tayari Jones, the author of Oprah’s Book Club pick “An American Marriage,” have also been featured. 

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